Soil Moisture and Temperatures

Soil sensors are buried in the ground at the depths indicated below.
Each level has a temperature probe and a moisture sensor.

Moisture is measured in ' cb ' with range of 0 to 200
with 0 being totally saturated and anything over 100 being extremely dry.
See the Chart for Details.

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Planting Status:


Moisture Status:

5 in 44°F 43 cb
12 in 40°F 26 cb
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Record Soil Temperatures This Year: 2023


Yearly High:

Yearly Low:

5 in 50°F on  Mar-15 30°F on  Feb-01
12 in 46°F on  Mar-15 27°F on  Feb-01

Record Soil Temperatures since: November 21, 2013


Record High:

Record Low:

5 in 81°F on  Aug-12-22 9°F on  Jan-01-15
12 in 84°F on  Sep-29-21 26°F on  Dec-19-22

Average Monthly Soil Temperatures since: November 21, 2013

at a depth of 5 in



January 37.9°F
February 38.3°F
March 45.9°F
April 39.7°F
May 59.7°F
June 69.1°F
July 72.1°F
August 71.0°F
September 66.1°F
October 55.1°F
November 46.3°F
December 40.7°F